Friday, February 10, 2012

Commercial Pet Food - OR NOT?

Mommy Simplee wants all my friends & followers to read about commercial pet on the link below to read a great article about it.  It's mighty enlightenin'.  She frequently ponduhs on why huh friends canine companions are battlin' some kinda sickness.  Mommy Simplee prepares my meals of Farmer's Mkt Veggies coupled with grain fed beef or pork everyday and I'm nevah sick.  I wolf down sweet potatoes, vine ripened tomatoes, carrots, celery, (broccoli/cauliflower occasionally), Vitamin E, Pork Stew or Beef Stew Chunks and Boneless Salmon with skin left on.  And, every once in a great while I get a little oatmeal or rice to go with it and when I'm a really good boy I'm treated to a banana slathered with p-nut buttah.   It's Woofalicious...Yum...Yum!

By the way, Simplee's always on the lookout for somethin in a bag that might be, not just convenient but healthy too, so if you know of somethin' that we don't please make a reco"mutt"ation (recommendation for those of you who don't speak B-A-R-K). 

Many thanks to Born Free USA for providin' this article on their website so we can be in the know about what is really best for us furry four legged fellas. 

Born Free USA gets - 2 "Paws Up" for Health & 3 "Atta Boys" for Enlightenment

Parker  -  "Woof Woof", said the little dog!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Romy's Recent Encounter with a Softball

Woof Woof to all my friends and welcome whether you have two feet or four paws - glad ya made it back.  I gotta tell ya about my little L.A. friend Romy.  He's just a tiny son-of-a gun of only 7 lbs (most of his weight is in his ears)!   The fella was hit in the head with a giant softball a few days ago.  That gigantuan ball from all accounts was travelin' at a speed of about 120 mph!  I thought he was a goner if ya know what I mean...thought he was goin' to the doghouse in the sky because he fell ovah on impact and laid very very still.  After two an a half seconds his front leg suddenly started to twitch and his human Mommy Renee started to cry as she reached down to pick him up.  He growled at her and showed his sharp teeth.  Ya know, we do that sometimes when we think danger is approachin.  But hey, he let her pick him up and he came back to his senses.  I can't imagine bein' hit by a monstah sized softball goin 120mph and I'm a hefty 60 pound Springah!  Anyway Romy's family had him on 24 hour watch to make sure he didn't stop livin' and lo and behold when the little fella' visited the guy in the white jacket  (aka the vet) the next mornin he was given a clean bill of health - nothin but a little shook up from the impact.  I gotta tell ya though Romy initially thought his Mommy did it cause she was the last person he remembered seein before bein hit and the first person he saw when he regained consciousness.  The two of 'em was walkin between ball diamonds when the accident occured cause the little guy needed to take a whiz and the nearest tree was a galvanized fence post near mid-field.  His Mommy ain't gonna take that route again.  Romy's bein treated even more like the grand king that he is eatin special meals of diced boiled pork with sweet potatoes, broccoli and apple slices.  I'm so happy for the little guy as life has really gotten royal...Us Big Dogs in the neighborhood now refer to Romy as the little guy that's given a whole new meanin' to the phrase, "Built to Last".   We have muttin' but luv for our favorite littlest friend aka BIG ROMY!   Post your comments below and...

...Please join me in givin' Big Romy - 2 Paws Up for Resilience and 3 "Atta Boys" for Bravery!!! 

 - Woof Woof, said the BIG dog!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Anyone able to recommend a good dog food that won't make the Big Dog scratch?

Yes, it's me Parker, the LA English Springer Spaniel and I'm scratchin' there any dog food on the market that truly won't cause me to scratch?  Been checked by the Vet for mites, fleas and others and it seems it's always food related.  Now we're back to home cooked meals of beef, pork and lamb with veggies like sweet potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower & sliced apples with a bit of vitamin E.  Any suggestions on "food in a bag" that might work? - Woof Woof, said the little dog!  

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Welcome Folks

Woof woof folks and welcome to my blog.  Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Parker (formally Charlie Parker), the Los Angeles English Springer Spaniel by way of Colorado.  You see I got here from "D Town aka Denver" ridin' shotgun in the passenger seat of a big ole blue, yet sporty 1966 VW van.  Had a tennis ball gripped to my lips during most of the trip as I was ready to play catch at each rest stop along the westward way - the humans had me strapped in a doggie seatbelt (now that's some contraption).  I was a little nervous, another reason for the bitin' grip on that tennis ball.  Oh but I digress... hey, the old hippies didn't want me no more after arriving our new destination so this woman in town who goes by Simplee adopted me and I just peed all over the place with delight!  More later, gotta go play catch with Simplee, the Lady of the house - she's one helluva Bitch.  Again, "woof woof which is my way of barkin' a warm welcome to my blog"!  Catch up with ya later this week...