Friday, February 10, 2012

Commercial Pet Food - OR NOT?

Mommy Simplee wants all my friends & followers to read about commercial pet on the link below to read a great article about it.  It's mighty enlightenin'.  She frequently ponduhs on why huh friends canine companions are battlin' some kinda sickness.  Mommy Simplee prepares my meals of Farmer's Mkt Veggies coupled with grain fed beef or pork everyday and I'm nevah sick.  I wolf down sweet potatoes, vine ripened tomatoes, carrots, celery, (broccoli/cauliflower occasionally), Vitamin E, Pork Stew or Beef Stew Chunks and Boneless Salmon with skin left on.  And, every once in a great while I get a little oatmeal or rice to go with it and when I'm a really good boy I'm treated to a banana slathered with p-nut buttah.   It's Woofalicious...Yum...Yum!

By the way, Simplee's always on the lookout for somethin in a bag that might be, not just convenient but healthy too, so if you know of somethin' that we don't please make a reco"mutt"ation (recommendation for those of you who don't speak B-A-R-K). 

Many thanks to Born Free USA for providin' this article on their website so we can be in the know about what is really best for us furry four legged fellas. 

Born Free USA gets - 2 "Paws Up" for Health & 3 "Atta Boys" for Enlightenment

Parker  -  "Woof Woof", said the little dog!

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