Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Welcome Folks

Woof woof folks and welcome to my blog.  Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Parker (formally Charlie Parker), the Los Angeles English Springer Spaniel by way of Colorado.  You see I got here from "D Town aka Denver" ridin' shotgun in the passenger seat of a big ole blue, yet sporty 1966 VW van.  Had a tennis ball gripped to my lips during most of the trip as I was ready to play catch at each rest stop along the westward way - the humans had me strapped in a doggie seatbelt (now that's some contraption).  I was a little nervous, another reason for the bitin' grip on that tennis ball.  Oh but I digress... hey, the old hippies didn't want me no more after arriving our new destination so this woman in town who goes by Simplee adopted me and I just peed all over the place with delight!  More later, gotta go play catch with Simplee, the Lady of the house - she's one helluva Bitch.  Again, "woof woof which is my way of barkin' a warm welcome to my blog"!  Catch up with ya later this week...

1 comment:

  1. This is kinda adorable...tell me more about Parker, the LA English Springer Spaniel. My friends want to know...and..."Woof Woof" back at cha big guy!